About Us

Gamifying career development for the new generations of work to acquire the fundamentals to thrive in the workplace

UJJI makes e-learning and career development social, fun and rewarding so employees can thrive at work and for businesses to improve engagement, retention and productivity


UJJI - उज्जि


Sanskrit for...
1. To win
2. To help one in winning

More than half of the UK workforce lack the skills around work fundamentals. Millennials are becoming managers and Gen-Zers are entering the workforce in a remote or hybrid working environment which leaves them with little to no access to the learning of work fundamentals.

Moreover, baby boomers are leaving the market and Gen X are already too up high up in the hierarchy to provide mentorship to younger generations, leaving Gen-Zers and Millenials as workplace orphans. To make things worse, existing learning & development solutions aren't aligned with the way this new generation learns, interacts, consumes and entertains themselves nowadays.

UJJI provides the the skilling, upskilling and reskilling of work fundamentals the new generation of work needs to thrive in the workplace. Our users navigate the fundamentals of effective work via a socially gamified experience for e-learning and career development.

Breaking down ambitious, but unrealistic
life and work goals into achievable, everyday little wins

Our proprietary, neuroscience-backed methodology for inspiring behavioural change

What’s in it for employees and employers


Obtain the skills fundamental to modern work

Get real-life rewards such as trials, gifts and discounts

Explore social challenges with work colleagues and beyond

Help your employer better understand your teams' needs


Offer a fun and rewarding career development experience

Bring teams together no matter if remote or hybrid

Leverage data to improve employees' work fundamentals

Improve engagement, retention and productivity

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Maintaining optimum wellbeing is crucial to performing efficiently at work. However, work-life can become monotonous. Thus, to motivate the employees, employers can now implement new ways such as games.

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How UJJI is helping people believe in themselves and building connections from the ground up. Ludmila Milla is one of the co-founders of UJJI, an app which help people achieves their goals in a fun and rewarding way.

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We all have dreams, but many of us crumble in the face of procrastination and self-doubt. How do we overcome this modern-day problem? Oxford start-up UJJI thinks it has the answer…

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The team

Founders Ludmila and Rafael have been struggling to provide career development mentorship to younger employees during remote working times. With over 15 years in HR, work coaching, business development, marketing, digital products and data analytics, our team have combined experiences to offer the new generations of work the fundamentals needed to thrive in the workplace. And deliver business performance.

Oxford University

We are an Oxfordshire based business being incubated by OUI, connecting with some of the most well-known professionals in their respective fields of science and business, looking to expand our knowledge throughout the UK and across the world.